Destinations for Solo Female Travelers

10 Safe Destinations For Solo Female Travelers

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Destinations for Solo Female Travelers РTraveling solo to another country As a woman may seem scary. But not all countries are scary for solo travel, there are several countries that are quite safe and fun as well as a friendly environment for solo travel. Despite that, I think as a woman will remain anxious. What is the purpose of travel is good? or even vice versa.

However, you do not need to worry about solo travel destination specifies in the sometimes dizzying…

Here I will give you some place as a destination You travel solo, where countries that there are people who are friendly and Nice. Some people in this country will make you feel good and makes you want to keep on growing-continues to be in place.

10 Safe Destinations for Solo Female Travelers

Destinations for Solo Female Travelers


 1. Bali

Although there are some other interesting Islands in Indonesia, but Bali is currently the best solo travel destination of choice. Bali pretty famous for its culture, and the people are friendly. You will find stunning beaches and can explore under the sea. There are many choices when you are in bali, a beautiful temple, extraordinary beaches, mountains. You will enjoy it all comfortably.

2. Canada

Almost all of the intended solo travel to Canada, and they feel very safe there. When you travel to Canada, you will find many amazing cultures such as major Festival etc. You can choose a trip with easy fit with your interests in Canada, climbing, big cities, beaches, snorkeling and so on you will enjoy there.

3. Costa Rica

Want to get more than just the beach, solo traveler especially nature lovers can choose Costa Rica as a destination. In these countries, a traveler can feel the excitement of adventuring challenging waves, lush rainforest canopy at Monteverde, and view the most active volcano in Costa Rica, Volcano Arenal.

In fact, there is a special way to package a solo traveler offered by O Solo Mio Tours. Adventurous spirit of the traveler will begin with a night journey through the jungle. In this journey, you will meet up with other solo traveler who came from various parts of the world.

4. Australia

Australia is also interesting for the solo traveler. In the land of Kangaroos is, a traveler will meet with the solo traveler who came from various parts of the world. The advantage of a holiday in this country because many cheap hotels that are available to tourists.

While on vacation to Australia, tourists went to the Great Barrier Reef. In these destinations, a traveler can enjoy the tranquility of a private when diving. When diving, the traveler will be presented a variety of a beauty under the sea, about 400 coral reefs, 1,500 species of fish, turtles and dugong.

5. New Zealand

All traveler will definitely fall in love with New Zealand natural panorama. The atmosphere is lovely, clean, friendly and made world traveler primarily women who go alone, feeling safe and comfortable holiday in the country.

New Zealand has more than 350 hostel for travelers. Lodging at this destination belongs to cheap. Although cheap, typically lodging offer includes kitchen and wifi. If you want to blend in with nature, a traveler can choose camping. Even this way will bring You new friend a fellow traveler.


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