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Alaska Travel Tips And Top Destinations

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Alaska Travel Tips – Alaska is one of the tourist destinations that so much interest, because although it is part of the United States, where every traveller will feel that it’s like a world apart and many tourists who capture the moment their journey in Alaska so well. But despite that, Before you travel, you should read the travel tips to alaska.

This relates to your objectives, whether part of the cruise, or rent an RV to take a road trip. So much experience that you will enjoy, because you can even see the occasional Deer loping road in Alaska’s largest city, Anchorage.

Travel Planning Tips for an Alaska Vacation with Kids

Below we have provided some Alaska Travel Tips, these Tips are focused on planning a vacation to Southeast Alaska with an emphasis on Inside Passage cruise, a popular choice for families.

The best age for kids

Alaska Cruise that works well for multi-generational trips because there are excursions for all levels of activity and large cruise ships at the supervised kids ‘ club and contains entertaining children of all ages. Small ship cruises that normally carry passengers less than 100, best for age 6 and for reasons of security and the level of activity of the visit. There may be some activities that only the children, but during periods of downtime the kids entertain themselves with Board games and card games. It is also important to note that small ships have different levels of physical activity from helikopternya travel to increase the weight so that there are activities for everyone.

Preparing for weather: clothing and Rain Gear

Alaska Travel Tips, If you are one of those million visitors arriving on a cruise ship in the Southeast Alaska plan for rainy weather. Temperate rainforest envelope the region carried more than 100 inches of rain a year. It’s normal to have a daily amount of rain and a temperature of 80 degrees the Juneau and other parts of the region recorded in the season of 2013 is unusual.

The best defense against wind and rain are the layers. Wind rain jackets, fleece, and the basic layer of cotton, which does not dry in damp weather, it is very important. You will also need a waterproof footwear (or multiple pairs of shoes) and a hat and gloves for when the wind kicks in. On our Alaska Cruise with the kids we got our pants rain day hiking and kayaking and use it even when it’s not raining to block the wind. We also buy rain Boots but if you are on a big cruise ship you may not need this or any travel company that will deliver them.

When to Go to Alaska

This is the best of Alaska Travel Tips – Many people travel to Alaska in the summer, when the holidays (but on the season you probably won’t see the sunset). The main travel season in Alaska is running from June to mid-August, even it is also the highest price.

If you want a cheaper fee, pay a visit to Alaska in the shoulder. (Mid-may to mid-June to mid-August, and mid-September. Need to remember that some of the tours will start closing in after labor day. Late summer and autumn is also a great time to go to Alaska, but the risk of rain.

In the winter, usually tourists will find plenty of snow for sports (especially in Girdwood, South Anchorage). Even you will also see the northern lights, and for the most popular places to view the aurora is in the vicinity of Fairbanks. The end of February and early March is the prime time to visit Alaska for two great events: fur Rondy, winter festival in Anchorage and the famous Iditarod race, which starts in Anchorage and ends in Nome.

That’s some of the Alaska Travel Tips. Next you can choose some tourist destination terpopular in Alaska, and his reviews here.


The 10 Best Popular destinations in Alaska

Alaska Travel Tips – Alaska is one of the United States, the State’s largest and is separated from the Mainland. But it has the least population density. Nevertheless, the State’s main tourist destination meruapakan especially for the lovers of nature and outdoor activities.

Here are 5 Best Popular Destinations in Alaska :

1. Denali National Park & Preserve

Denali National Park & Preserve Alaska Travel Tips

Denali National Park Preserve & lies on the border region of Southcentral and Interior Alaska, with an area of about 2.4 million hectares. The highest peak in North America, Mount McKinley, was the center of the Park. The vegetation that live here, among others, the forest of taiga and tundra. While the types of fauna, there are about 37 species of mammals, such as moose, caribou, wolves, and grizzly bear; and 130 bird species including the golden eagle.

Each year, about 432 thousand tourists come to this National Park. The Denali is the road along the area of the National Park, Denali Park Road, which makes it easy for visitors to surround this place by bus or car. Here too there are 4 camping area: Sanctuary River, Teklanika River, Igloo Creek, danWonder Lake. The city of Anchorage or Fairbanks Denali can be accessed via George Park Highways or Alaska Railroad.

2. Glacier Bay National Park 

Glacier Bay National Park Alaska Travel Tips

Glacier Bay National Park is located in the Inside Passage of Alaska Southeast &. Its area is around 1.3 million hectares. The ecosystem that exists here among other things wet tundra, Alpine tundra, coastal forest (forest), glacier and icefield (the desert of ice). Wild animals that live here include grizzly bear, black bear, moose, stika black-tailed deer, mountain goat, Dall sheep, wolves, lynx, sea otter, Canada, harbor seal, Steller’s sea lion, Pacific white-sided dolphin, orca, minke whale, humpback whale, bald eagle, gull, waterfowl, and salmon.

Center facilities located in Barlett Cove, providing lodging, restaurant, campground, kayak rental and tour boat dock. The Park can only be reached through air travel and cruise ship from the nearest town, Gustavus.

3. Kobuk Valley National Park

Kobuk Valley National Park

The National Park is famous for its sand dunes, Great Kobuk Sand Dunes. Located in the Far North, about 40 km north of the Arctic Circle. The vegetation that lived here was tundra and boreal forest. The main types of fauna include caribou, moose, gray wolf, black bear, brown bear, Dall sheep, as well as species of salmon and sheefish.

Because it is located inside the Artic Circle, during winter temperatures here can reach minus degrees Celsius. The aurora borealis is often visible. This National Park is rarely visited by tourists because it is difficult to reach. The only way to get here is by foot, dogsled or snowmobile use from the nearest town, Kotzebue and Nome.

4. Wrangell-St. Elias National Park & Preserve

Wrangell-St. Elias National Park & Preserve

Wrangell-St. Elias National Park is a National Park Preserve & widest in the USA with over 5.3 million hectares. Located in the region of Southcentral Alaska, covers half the area of the St. Elias mountains and the Wrangell mountains, the entire area up to the waters of the Gulf of Alaska.

A wide variety of vegetation located here such as: black spruce and willow in the lowlands; the boreal forest and taiga in the dry plains; subalpine and alpine in the mountainous area. The animals that live here include Dall sheep, black bear, brown bear, wolverine, beaver, lynx, certain species of fish in the streams of Copper River and the Yukon River, as well as numerous bird species such as the ptarmigan and the gray jay. The Park can be accessed

5. Gates Of The Artic National

Gates Of The Artic National

Gates Of The Artic National Is the second largest national park after Wrangell-St. Elias National Park, with an area of about 3.4 million hectares. Located in the Far North Alaska, and borders the Noatak National Preserve on the East. Most of the Park is the mountain Brook row Range.

The vegetation here is mostly boreal forest. Animals living among others, moose, brown bear, black bear, Dall sheep, wolves, and caribou. To get to here, from the Dalton Highway visitors have to walk as far as 8 km and cross the river. At the end of May to early September, Arctic Interagency Visitor Center near the town of Coldfoot, open and provides information for visitors who want to come here.

I hope after reading Alaska Travel Tips you already know the things that need to be prepared to travel to alaska. If you’ve traveled, how was your experience?..

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