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10 Best Airport In The World In 2017 Version Skytrax

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Best Airport in The World in 2017 – A convenient airport and absorbed into the dream traveler who wants to visit the country. For that, the whole world’s airports ran keep quality and provide the best services in the customers. But which airport has the best quality in the world? Here’s “10 best airport in the world in 2017” based on awards given by Skytrax on Passenger Terminal EXPO in Amsterdam, Netherlands on Tuesday (14/3/2017).


  10    Frankfurt Airport

Best Airport in The World in 2017 Frankfurt Airport

Located in the city of Frankfurt , Germany, the airport was the fourth-busiest airport in continental Europe. Frankfurt Airport also crowned as the busiest airport in the world in order to twelve. No partition, the airport has plenty of entertainment, including a mall at terminal elevators.

   9     London Heathrow Airport

Best Airport in The World in 2017 Heathrow Airport

Become the world’s third busiest airport, Heathrow Airport also has four active terminals cater to a wide range of traveler to the rest of the world. Starting from flights to the Americas, Asia, and Southeast Asia. Of course the entire service at this airport already began from the train, to the integration of Inter-transport terminals.


   8     Zurich Airport

Best Airport in The World in 2017 Zurich Airport

Airports in Switzerland has all the facilities to appease the traveler who wants to feel the luxury streets. Starting from the Mall and various restaurants that are in the Airport Center. Transportation provided is also very complete, from the train station, bus to tram that will take you to the city centre quickly.


   7     Central Japan International Airport

Central Japan International Airport

Built on an artificial island, Central Japan International Airport didesan airport becomes a premium. With a variety of transportation, of course your journey faster and comfortable. Do not miss also Sky Town Shopping Center that will take you into Japan-style market that will satisfy the desires of shopping.


   6     Hamad International Airport

Hamad International Airport

Located in Qatar, it replaces the Doha International Airport as the main airport in the country. Predictable capable of holding 50 million visitors per year, Hamad International Airport became the first Middle Eastern airport into the ranks of the world’s best airport winner of Skytrax.


   5     Hong Kong International Airport

Best Airport in The World in 2017

Located at Chek Lap Kok, an artificial island in Hong Kong, the airport replaced Kai Tak Airport since 1998. In addition to being the best passenger airport in the region of East Asia, Hong Kong International Airport has also become the world’s busiest cargo airport. Surely as a tourism city, Hong Kong also makes SkyPlaza as places for domestic traveler coming.


   4     Munich Airport

Munich Airport

Munich Airport is the second busiest airport in Germany, which serves 42 million visitors annually. Not only serve visitors, Munich Airport also keep site clean environment around it by creating a breeding bird around the airport.


       Incheon International Airport

Incheon International Airport

The largest airport in the ginseng country is already famous  as the best airport in the eyes of a traveler. Often used as the setting of the drama Korea Incheon, was known as one of the largest and busiest airport in the world. The visitors can also enjoy the golf course, spa, museum of culture in this airport.


       Tokyo International Airport (Haneda)

Tokyo International Airport (Haneda)

Located in the city of Tokyo, Japan, Haneda Airport serves the entire flights to various cities in Japan. The airport also continues expanded by creating artificial islands connected by various modes of transport that will take you to the city centre.


       Singapore Changi Airport

Singapore Changi Airport

The winner of the best airport for five consecutive years (and has become the Best Airport in The World in 2017 ), be evidence of the Changi Airport able to keep its quality from year to year. The traveler can enjoy the finest amenities ranging from shopping area, up to the forest in the airport terminal that makes you not want to leave Changi rapidly prior to explore it.

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