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The 10 Best Hotels On Mykonos And Best Spa

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Best Hotels On Mykonos – The island which has the uniqueness of this whitewashed building is one of the famous tourist destination in Europe after the area is also located in Santorini Greece.

Visit Mykonos, Greece, Europe at the end of the summer cost extra. Starting prices fly up to a hefty cost of lodging high could tempt to undo the intention to visit a location that became a haven of cosmopolitan for the jetset. Moreover, I would like to combine this trip to Athens the capital of Greece.

After having let things carefully including the daily allocation, khirnya flying from Almeria (Andalusia-Spayol) with a Water Service of Berlin with a distance of kilometers this 2458. Airportnya that are not too large and also not so tepid made keder modern. Not to mention the transport services salesman cry reminiscent of my experience at the early visit Jakarta in the 2000s because of wear the service pick-up place to stay then I acuhkan bid-the bid and wait for the new invitation came after 30 minutes and a few times the phone connection to the hotel.

I initially impressive, Mykonos is a prominent high barren island and is surrounded by rocks and typical pepohona that are often found in the Mediterranean area a kind of agave is great-big up to a row of olive trees. The existing buildings on Mykonos island so impressed as he rounded shape terracing and the tangle of alleys or lane for pedestrians heading to the Centre of the tourist destination.

From my hotel I can enjoy a row of windmills which also became one of the iconic photo in Mykonos. The island also has beautiful white sandy beaches, Rocky Mountains, and fertile village. To keep its uniqueness, the local Government ensure Mykonos Island maintains a view of the walls of the whitewashed building. Twas the color white on the walls of the building and the blue of the ocean looks perfect and harmonious with the Sun is covered.

The following is A best Hotels On Myknos and Spa :


Best Hotels on Mykonos, Greece

1. Myconian Ambassador Relais & Chateaux.

This is Best Hotels On Mykonos -This Hotels A short walk to the beach of Platys Gialos. Located on a steep hill higher rooms have some of the best sights in Mykonos. This is a 10-minute walk to the bus stop to Mykonos town and there are taxi Beach Paradise and Super Paradise. Some suites have private swimming pool or hot tub. The location of this Hotel is on Platys Gialos. (Hotel phone: +30 2289 024166).

2. Hotel Beldevere

Best luxury hotel in Mykonos town. Chic and charming with beautiful rooms, city views, and a club like atmosphere around pools (especially at night). One of the best located hotel in the city with nightlife and restaurant are accessible by a pedestrian path (and no busy streets to negotiate). The hotel also boasts 2 excellent restaurants in Mykonos if you don’t feel like hanging around. If the Belvedere fully ordered (as often happens) just next door and the Semeli is also very nice. The location of this Hotel is on Mykonos Town. (Hotel phone: +30 2289 025122)

3. MyKonos Blu

This is best hotels on Mykonos. One of the most romantic hotels on Mykonos and a great honeymoon pick. Equal parts charming and trendy. Located on Psarou beach which is both wonderful and well-protected from the wind. Food, music, and dancing are just down the beach at Nammos. It’s an easy walk to Platys Gialos beach and the excellent restaurants there. The free shuttle service gets you to Mykonos Town in less than 10 minutes. The location of this Hotel is on Psarou. (Hotel phone: +30 2289 027900)

4. Bill & Co Suites

Perched above Mykonos Town with an incredible infinity pool and amazing sunset views. It’s a short walk to the nightlife and restaurants of Mykonos Town (though it does involve walking on a road with no sidewalks – most people take a taxi back at the end of the night). This is one of the trendiest hotels on Mykonos. The Location of this hotel is on Near Mykonos Town. (Hotel phone: +30 2289 026292)

5. Cavo Tago

Cavo is one of the top luxury hotels on Mykonos. It sits on a rise between the two ports and you can watch the ferries and cruise ships come and go through the day and the sun set into the Aegean at night. Mykonos Town is a 10 minute walk away (the road is narrow with a good deal of traffic so many people take the free shuttle bus). The pool and sundeck are magical. Most rooms above the basic level come with a private pool. The hotel’s Japanese restaurant, Kiku, has the best sushi on Mykonos. The Location of this hotel is on Near Mykonos Town. (Hotel phone: +30 2289 020100)

6. Kivotos Luxury Boutique Hotel

This is one of the more magical hotels on Mykonos. It’s set on beautiful Ornos bay and has stunning views of the surrounding water and hills. There’s a small private beach (more pebbles than sand) with a cabana sitting out on the water. The setting is incredibly romantic and it’s a hotel people stay at and never want to leave. Ornos beach and a handful of restaurants are a short walk away if you feel the need. Guests can book the hotel’s private yacht to tour the island. There’s a 2 bedroom suite and waterfront villa – both with private pool. The Location of this hotel is on Ornos. (Hotel phone: +30 2289 024094)

7.  Santa Marina Resort & Villas

One of the major hotels in Mykonos with over her maid. Great for a family with a wonderful semi-private and small Playground with play equipment. The resort is built on a hillside and the rooms have views. for the Restaurant in Ornos, just walk away and there is a regular free shuttle to Mykonos town which takes less than 10 minutes. If you have small children, this is the best hotel in Mykonos. The Location of this hotel is on Ornos. (Hotel phone: +30 2289 023220)

8. Petasos Beach Hotel & Spa

The location is just 1 minute walk to the beach of Platys Gialos and many restaurants and tavernas. Bus to Mykonos town stops right outside the front door. Very nice swimming pool and large sun deck overlooking the water. Gorgeous! The Location of this hotel is on Platys Gialos. (Hotel phone: +30 2289 023437)

9. MyConos Grand Hotel

A good hotel but a little too isolated from the city in my opinion (I prefer to walk to more shops and restaurants). The hotel has a swimming pool with beautiful views and direct access to the beach (though it has a few patches stoney). This hotel is the largest Hotel which has a sea view 3 bedrooms (1 queen bed, 2 twin), and private swimming pool. The hotel has 2 restaurants, serving gourmet food top notch, and the popular Hippie fish restaurant situated on the edge of the beach. Agios Ioannis beach is where Shirley Valentine was filmed. Mykonos town is 15 minutes by bus which runs frequently. The Location of this hotel is on Agios Ioannis. (Hotel phone: +30 2289 025555)

10. Saint John Hotel Villas & Spa

The pool without limits of outstanding views of the sea and the environment. The hotel is located 15 minutes away from Mykonos town and very nice to cool down and relaxation, but it is not the place to stay if you’re after nightlife, partying or easy access to many restaurants. It is best hotels on Mykonos, The Location of this hotel is on Agios Ioannis. (Hotel phone: +30 2289 028752)

It is a Collection of the Best Hotels on Mykonos and Best Spa. The best option for you, stay a few nights will enjoy a superb view.

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