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The 10 Best Hotels On Santorini 2017

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Best Hotels on Santorini – Santorini is known with so fantastic, and beautiful. With the best hotels and luxury. The city along the Caldera on the West side of the island (Oia, Fira and Firostefani) where you will find most ebsar five star hotel in santorini.

The views and rules in this village of 4 is pretty amazing. So easy to reach it by walking between Fira, Imerovigli and Firostefan. But the Oia, is a two-hour walk (10 minutes by bus or taxi).

Every destination in Europe, Santorini is one of the places that so many on the visit. By spending money on a great and remarkable scenery. So many destinations in Europe, such as (Paris, London, even Myknos) you menghasbikan a lot of money. But in Santorini, with superb views, mountains, beaches, luxury hotels, and many others. It’s common to spend most of the day.


The 10 Best Hotels on Santorini and Luxury

If you would like to visit Santorini and stay a few nights in a hotel, and you have to search for information before selecting a few hotels to stay. You are in the right place, here’s a list of the best hotels on santorini with breathtaking scenery and luxury.

1. Grace Santorini

Best Hotels on Santorini Grace Santorini

Grace is the best Hotel on Santorini, has superb views (of the caldera, sunsets, overlooking the iconic Skaros Rock). All of the rooms are very good and charming, the restaurant is so fantastic and the swimming pool is one of the best along the caldera. Imerovigli – (Hotel phone: + 30 2286 021300).

2. Katikies Hotels

Best Hotels on Santorini Katikies Hotels

Katikies is best hotel in Oia. The location is pretty easy with taxis, not like some other hotel Oia. Equipped with 3 swimming pools, good breakfast (you’ll feel comfortable here). Their intimate restaurant is one of the best in Santorini and has 4 tables. Katikies is one of the hotels in Oia which has an elevator, it is if you’re concerned about the climbing steps. Oia – (Hotel phone: +30 2286 071401).

3. Astra Suites

Best Hotels on Santorini Astra Suites


Many magazines have been saying that the Astra Suites is the best hotel in Greece, and it’s hard to summon much argument. The Astra Suites is large and is decorated with the indahan of nature. All of the rooms the hotel has a private kitchen and a private terrace. It also comes with an infinity pool overlooking the Caldera and the sunset. Imerovigli – (Hotel phone: +30 2286 024763).

4. Perivolas

Best Hotels on Santorini Perivolas


Perivolas is relaxing, luxury Cave hotel with minimalist design, swimming pool without limits is incredible and the view was great. In fact each suite has a kitchenette, some with private pools. It was designed as a place where you can enjoy the beauty of the world, combining extensive views with absolute luxury. The most beautiful villages in Greece’s most romantic and dramatic Island, Santorini. Oia – (Hotel phone: +30 2286 071308).

5. Tsitouras Collection

Best Hotels on Santorini Tsitouras Collection


It is run by two energetic owner (George and Eleni), a small and wonderful Hotel with fantastic views, suites and the best service. It even has a swimming pool that makes all visitors is very convenient.  You may require several steps and a bit of climbing to reach the hotel. Firostefani – (Hotel phone: +30 2286 023747).

6. Canaves Oia Suites

Best Hotels on Santorini Canaves Oia Suites

It has an outdoor pool overlooking the Caldera and has a pool bar, very beautiful. (their prescribed cannot be said with words, is fabulous). Some suites have private pools, three-bedroom Villa and has a fully equipped kitchen. The restaurant is one of the finest in Oia, and the hotel has a lift (good for those who feel challenged). Oia – (Hotel phone: +30 22860 71453).

7. San Antonio

Best Hotels on Santorini San Antonio


San Antonio is a stunning hotel. If you want quiet with great views and infinity pool, then San Antonio is right. This hotel is perfect for a romantic honeymoon do. To reach here, most people are willing to rent a car (that is if they are serious about the outing). Walking to Imerovigli, about 30 minutes along the caldera. Imerovigli – (Hotel phone: +30 2286 024388).

8. Esperas Traditional Hauses

Esperas Traditional Hauses

Esperas Traditional Houses is one of the few best hotels on santorini, a magical atmosphere at the tip of the island. But, busy sunset because it is very beautiful, with lovely views to the Bay of Amoudi and West towards the sunset. Quiet and secluded even though you’re a short walk to the Centre of Oia. The rooms are decorated in a traditional cave suites with beautiful. Oia – (Hotel phone: +30 2286 071088).

9. Chromata Hotel

Chromata Hotel

This is the hotel of choice if you want a luxurious Chromata is referred to as the best hotel. How does not? with beautiful views, luxurious, comfortable, and the bathrooms are decorated with down from the side of a cliff. Each of the rooms at the hotel have views of the sea and a private veranda. If seen from the image above, this is perfect for a romantic honeymoon. Imerovigli – (Hotel phone: +30 2286 023227).

10. Aria Suites

Aria Suites Hotels

Aria is the best hotel in Fira, a 3 minute short walk to shops and restaurants. Although crowded, (but still relatively quiet). This is one of the few luxury hotels in santorini, and enables young people (mostly because it sits back from the edge of the caldera). Fira – (Hotel phone: +30 2286 028650).


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