Best Places To Travel Alone As A Woman

Top 5 Best Places To Travel Alone As A Women

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The Best Places For Alone As A Women To Travel Solo – Is a unique opportunity to find out exactly who you are without anyone when in a new environment. Some women may be thought, that this be a daunting prospect. But, in point of fact many places out there that can make you feel safe and happy.

In this journey, you will meet new people constantly, it is something that will really happen for solo travelers in General. However, when one woman travelling alone certainly would be enough to feel fear. But, you will find people who are social and can make yourself feel calm and secure.

Meanwhile, to feel inspired and happy everywhere, you have to take a trip to some place a good choice for women to travel alone. Below are 5 Best Places To Travel Alone As A Women, that you may not wish to be awesome for solo female travelers in particular. Good for those women who beorientasi business or for safety, solitude, socializing or spirituality.

Top 5 Best Places To Travel Alone As A Women To Travel Solo


1. Bali, Indonesia

Best Places To Travel Alone As A Women in Bali


Best Places To Travel Alone As A Women – Bali in Indonesia, a province with a thousand temples is indeed already famous all over the world. Starting from the design of the temple is beautiful to look neat terracing order to fascinate. Bali is known for its beautiful beach beauties, but besides the natural beauty of its mountains to save any charm that is well worth a visit.

To travel alone, you can choose Ubud as a transfer. A beautiful natural atmosphere will make your mind more fresh and keep the best.

Create women who like traveling solo, This volcanic island is able to make you guys was struck by a white sand beach located. Not only that, Bali is also rich in history, authentic Asian cuisine, and other activities that will help you in merelaksasikan body after long journeys such as meditation and yoga.

2. Berlin, Germany

Best Places To Travel Alone As A Woman In Berlin


Yes, Berlin is not only a city. Berlin. A city full of artists and has been for 30 years or more. Even though it was the capital of Berlin, not too full, because of the shortness of his crowds are so spread out.

With many large parks in almost every environment, peace and quiet will be easy to come by. Berlin has attracted many tourists, and it’s easy to meet other people. It’s also a socially progressive city with a low level of violent crime.

3. Sossusvlei, Nambia

Travel Alone As A Women in Nambia

Sossusvlei may seem like a barren desert, not a place to enjoy yourself. But some people have found out, that it’s quite the opposite. They contended that this place, a kind of space to think and feel absolutely amazing to develop yourself.

.. In nambia on this, warm and dry. So the sky is really wonderful for astronimi.

Climbing rose around Dune 45, you will see the sunrise. And it is a wonderful experience. After the other person down, you stay at the top to explore a little more-and have the entire look for yourself.

Can you imagine sitting on one of the largest natural sand box and having it feel like it’s all yours?

Other Destinations :

4. Osaka, Japan

Travel Alone As A Woman in Japan

Japan is another ideal goal. It has the appeal of exotic Asia but are relatively clean, courteous, efficient and orderly-a bit unusual for a country with such a high population density. The public transportation system they are fairly easy to navigate, both in urban as well as rural areas.

The majority of the people of Japan are excited when you try even a word in their native language, and many of those who want to practice the language of United Kingdom to you.

Japan is one of the safest countries in Asia. Pervasive tradition in Japan, but infused with modern elements to fill the days with extreme contrasts, from the ancient temples, the aipanas onsen and tea ceremony to funky fashions, J-pop karaoke and the neon night life.

5. Bayfield, Wisconsin

Best Places To Travel Alone As A Woman in Bayfield

Those who haven’t been to the Bayfield may scratch their heads, wondering how Wisconsin got into the list of 5 Best Places To Travel Alone As A Woman.  But trust me on this one, because it is a jewel of the Midwest.

This is a small town full of artists, and the people are very friendly. Some people when there says, he finds people who have time to stop and talk to him nicely.

You can find an amazing sea cave!. Or jump on a boat, sailing around Lake Superior, and live a little bit like Robinson Crusoe.

Well that’s the 5 Best Places To Travel Alone As A Women. Despite yourself, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the holiday time because there are many places in the world that you can visit safely and comfortably. The most important is to set a timetable for his departure and destination locations well. Don’t forget to note important phone numbers as the local Tourism Authority to obtain complete information in order to make your journey more enjoyable. Happy vacationing!

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