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The Best Things To Do Santorini And Best Tours

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Best Things To Do santorini – Every do tours to santorini is a good thing and the right time, because a lot of tours States that they’ve never had a bad experience there. However, you may still have to choose some of the best places in santorini for the visit singat or long. The idea of a visit of good will create new experiences that are better and bigger.

The Best Tours On Santorini

best Tours Things To Do Santorini

best tours things to do in santorini


Recommended Santorini Tours
  • Get Your guide – Great sites to find tours and lets get a nice discounts
  • Santorini Private Wine Tour – Santorini has some great wine (and it was a favorite for some tourists – a must visit Santorini). The island is quite small so make it easy for your visit to the wineries of your own.
  • 5-Hour Sunset Cruise – Each tour boats are different, the options include: a dip in the hot springs, climbing the volcano, Thirassia visit and explore the villages, stop on red and white beaches Beach for swimming and snorkeling, lunch/night on the ship, and watch the sun set below Oia. Its true this is the simplest (but still awesome)-basically just sailed through the caldera, stopping at several beaches, hot springs, then with a swim, eat, relax, and watch the sunset on the boat from below the cliffs of Oia.
  • 7-Hour Volcano Cruise – This is the opposite of a 5-hour sunset cruise. You can climb a volcano, hot springs (dengena swim) and excursions to the island of Thirassia. However, there is no beach or can go outside of the caldera, and watching the sunset.
  • 5-Hour Cruise With BBQ Meal and Drinks – This is a boat tour of the caldera with lots of swimming and snorkeling. Unlimited drinks and free hotel pickup and drop-off. Even with the most luxurious tourist Boat with the best and cheapest food group is the smallest.
  • 6 -Hour Best Of Santorini Tour – Here there is no boat, this is a Santorini tours with professional guides. The tour visits three of the favorite place of all travelers. There can also be a stop on the coast of red and black, the local wineries (Venetsanos), and the picturesque town of Firostefani. Hotel pickup and drop-off make super easy is the best way to see the island in one day.
  • 4-Hour  Sunset Wine Tour – Large wineries Tour 3 (Gavalas, Boutari, and wineries) with 12 tastings, olives and cheese. Hotel pick-up and delivery are also provided.
  • Santorini Helicopter Flight – It’s not like the boat tour. This can be booked full in advance, so book early. View of the caldera, the vineyards, the cliff, volcano and the cities.
  • Santorini Photography Tour – It’s amazing, the best santorini tour. (For all photographers from beginners as well as professionals)

The 10 Best Things To Do Santorini


1.    The First Thing    : Hike From Fira to Oia

Best Tour Thing to do santorini

This is the best things to do santorini, with geratis! A very remarkable. Climbing somewhere between 1 and 5 hours, depending on your speed. Because on the way you will many take pictures along the way. The journey begins in Fira and moved northwards through Firostefani and Imerovigli then. Of Imerovigli towards Oia is largely rural with a few shops or restaurants along this road. If the month of July or August, I highly recommend that start before 8 am.

2.    The Second Thing    : Santorini Photography Tour

Santorini Photography Tour

No one is saying, mandatory to do this. However, what You won’t do it? This is certainly a fact that indirectly that you should take pictures of this incredible, beautiful views, wonderful cities, green, sea water and mountain peaks that are so good. Maybe you will never leave this opportunity to take some pictures. This is the best things to do santorini.

3.    The Third Thing   : Cable Car From Old Port To Fira

Cable Car from Old Port to Fira

Walking down the stairs to the Old Port, then take a cable car up. From May to October a cable car runs every 20 minutes, from 6:30-10:00 pm – a little longer during July and August, and a reduced schedule from November to April. It costs 4 € for adults and 2 € for children.

4.    The Fourth Thing    : Walk The Volcano

Walk The Volcano Santorini

This is the best things to do santorini – The island at the center of the caldera is Nea Kameni, where You will be able to find the most active volcano in Santorini. Here is available the crater 130 meters and Sha his takes about 20 minutes by foot. The only way to get here is to do a boat tour of a volcano or rent a boat/ship Charter.

5.    The Fifth Thing  : Swim At Amoudi Bay

Swim At Amoundi Bay in Santorini

Amoudi is a clump of white buildings that are very wonderful, and this is one of the best for swimming. Take the path that leads South from the restaurants of the port. A 5-minute walk away and swam to a small island.

6.    The Sixth Thing    : Explore The Paths, Alleys, and Stairwells of Fira, Firostefani, and Imerovigli

Explore The Paths, Alleys, and Stairwells of Fira

It is actually similar to the hike from Fira to Oia. But you are not silent, but must walk, down, hanging around and mengekpslorasi the whole thing.

7.    The Seventh Thing    : Dinner With a View

Dinner With a View Santorini

Food is often better when you go to a restaurant without a view. But apart from that, you have to try dinner and enjoy the scenery (Yes, at least one night) Mezzo is a restaurant favorite of many tourists enjoying the view.

8.    The Eight Thing   : Match The Sunset in Oia

Match The Sunset in Oia in Santorini

The By bringing a bottle of wine, then hang out in the cliffs to watch the sunset in Oia. However, you should be ready with the crowd. However, you can specify the exact time to enjoy it.

9.    Nine    : Perissa Beach

Perissa beach is best for swimming at Santorini, and it has the nicest sand. The best restaurants are scattered along the beach. To reach Perissa around 30 minutes ‘ drive from Fira and 45 minutes from Oia.

10.    The Tenth Thing    : Emborio

Emborio Santorini

On the way to Perissa Beach South of Santorini, you will find a magical little town. (Hampi all tourists ever visiting this small town), although a small but you’ll get a tangle of alleys that is interesting enough to take pictures.

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