Best Time To Travel To Thailand 2017

Best Time To Travel To Thailand On 2017

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Best Time To Travel To Thailand – Tourist destination in a foreign country tends to increase. One of his trips to thailand, but before you determine the times for this purpose, you first must know when the right time to travel to Thailand. For those of you who are searching for information about it, you are already in the appropriate article. Because here we’ll tell you, when is the best time for traveling to thailand.

Thailand’s tropical climate can be divided into three distinct seasons: hot (March-May), rainy (May-October) when the rainy season is southwest of the Andaman Sea and Gulf of Thailand unload their heavy rain, clouds and cool (November-February) where moderate temperatures and rainfall is rare. Winter is considered the best time to visit to thailand.


Best Time To Travel To Thailand On 2017 Season And Festivals

Best time Traveling Thailand on Holiday
Seasons and weather

The best way is to divide the country into three regions when explaining the best time to visit. Thailand essentially have three seasons-summer, rainy and winter season. Bright dry summer begins in February in Central Thailand (Bangkok, Kanchanaburi, Ayutthaya) and stay until April. At this time can get steamy especially if you live in Bangkok – so it may be advised to head to the beach.

The rainy season begins in May and lasts until October. It rains often do occur but generally in short sharp bursts of sometimes quite spectacular to watch-but definitely bring some waterproof clothing for this time of year. The winter season from November-January could see a little decline in temperatures — but are still generally mild and is a great best time to traveling to thailand.


Northern Thailand (Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Sukothai) is very similar to Central Thailand, however, winter is slightly longer and significantly colder especially in the mountainous north. Has even been known to go down to zero degrees at night, on a few occasions so definitely will be ready for it if you are planning a trip between November and February. But do not let this delay You as beautiful days and light and the countryside and lush flowers and blooms.

Festivals and events

Best time Traveling Thailand Festivals and events
a variety of festivals and events Thailand is such a colorful people and stunning views. To help you plan when to visit, here’s an overview of some of the biggest and best events and Best Time To Travel To Thailand.

Children’s day

Held on the second day of January of each year, the day the children see parents across Thailand luxury gifts and attention on their children with increased travel as families take advantage of the free or reduced admission to many of the top sites in the country.

Other Articles

Chiang Mai Flower Festival

On the first weekend in March at the end of the winter of the northern city of Chiang Mai comes alive with color during the three-day festival featuring flower and horticultural competitions with extraordinary floats decorated with flowers and petals of a parade through the streets. Installation of a complex traditional flower Arts dates back to the ancient Lanna Thai Kingdom and the great pride of the city.

Makha Bucha Day

Today marks the events of 1,250 pupils gathered to listen to the sermons of the Buddha. monks receive alms in the morning and spend the night at local temples lit candles and incense as they marched around the main altar of the temple. This is a public holiday in Thailand with some services shut down for the day.

Muay Thai National Day

national sports Thailand enjoyed the feast day in honor of the legendary sports hero, Nai Khanom Tom. the formal ceremony took place at Muay Thai stadiums and training camps throughout the country despite certain in Ayutthaya grand celebration where the week-long festival is held which attracts sports fans from all over the world.

Songkran New Year Water Festival-Thailand

This is the national party and the spectacle lasts a few days and to welcome the new year with water fights playfully, lighting firecrackers and good clean water in the family home. religious ceremonies are held on the third day with a specially prepared foods offered to the bh.

The best time to travel to Thailand with a variety of cheap price

Best Time To Travel To Thailand – As acknowledged by someone of the Trikaya, Thip Thepthewi, tour operator origins of bangkok. Said september is one of the best month to get reasonably priced tour in Thailand. For example, hotel rates can be obtained more cheaply. In addition, he also recommends between May until August
In late October the price normally begin to rise, as in Europe and the United States have started the winter season. They are looking for a tropical destination to avoid winter..


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