Cherry Blossoms in Japan 2017

5 Best Places To See Cherry Blossoms In Japan 2017

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Cherry Blossoms in Japan 2017 – When spring arrived, Japan was always overflowing with tourists visit. Because, at that it is identical to the Hanami or tradition to enjoy the cherry blossoms. A beautiful view when the cherry blossoms are blooming like this you can see at the end of March to April each year. Color beautiful pink and white will adorn the streets throughout the city.

If you have a plan to visit Japan when the festival of cherry blossoms arrived, we recommend that you come to these places. Offered from makemytrip, Thursday (13/04/2017) the following destinations are known as the most beautiful spot to enjoy the national flower of the country of the rising sun.

1. Ueno Park, Tokyo

Cherry Blossoms in Japan 2017 Euno Park

This is best places Cherry Blossoms in Japan 2017 — As much as approximately 9000 live tree in the garden which has an area of 54 hectares. Most of them are cherry blossom trees so the main attraction of this park. Ueno Park also got four museums and the Zoo for tourists who want to enjoy the various attractions while there.

Come here when spring arrives. From around the corner will see the beautiful landscape of blooming cherry blossoms. You can find groups of tourists picnic there when Hanami arrived.

When is the best time ? To come here is at dusk. At the time of the lamp will be lit. See cherry blossom trees grow exotic.

2. Kuil Daigo-Ji, Kyoto

Cherry Blossoms in Japan 2017 Kuil Daigo

In the Temple of the Daigo-Ji, which is where the Buddhists in Japan, you can find the Golden Hall and Toji Pagoda the most historic treasures so to the citizens of the land of the rising sun. As many as 700 more or less cherry blossom trees present in the complex area of 660 hectares. This shrine is a favorite tourist spot so when Festival of Hanami arrived. Because cherry blossoms in full bloom, the scenery surrounding the Temple of Daigo-Ji is always regarded as a beautiful natural panorama.

3. Matsumae Park, Hokkaido

Cherry Blossoms in Japan 2017 Matsumae Park, Hokkaido

If in another city, the cherry blossoms bloom only until April. You can thus enjoy it longer in Hokkaido. Because, sakura season will last until the month of may in the city. Views of cherry blossoms in the Park is very exotic. Because, around 10,000 cherry blossom trees from 250 different varieties here. Festival of cherry blossoms here always will overwhelm the visitors. In the area of the Park is also located several historic buildings such as the castle of Matsumae, the Temple of Kozenji and Sakura.

4. Kastil Himeji, Hyogo

Cherry Blossoms in Japan 2017 Kastil Himeji, Hyogo

When it comes to Hyogo, you can find the castle of Himeji which was already founded in 1600 ‘s. Around her grow about 1000 cherry blossom trees. This place is so one of my most favorite spot when Hanami. Even this place entrance crowned became UNESCO World Heritage since it offers panoramic views of the cherry blossoms are blooming.

5. Shinjuku Gyoen, Tokyo

Cherry Blossoms in Japan 2017 Shinjuku Gyoen

This is best places to see Cherry Blossoms in Japan 2017, (Tokyo). Shinjuku Gyoen got approximately 1500 cherry blossom trees. The garden area features a nuanced France, Japan, and Viktorian. There are also tea houses you can visit while there. As spring arrives, Shinjuku Gyoen is always populated mostly tourists who want to enjoy the beauty of the cherry blossoms have a picnic.


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