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Best Luxury Hotels Florence (With Pictures)

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Luxury Hotels Florence – Florence is considered the most beautiful city in the world, where every traveler will find a city fully equipped holiday apartments, Luxury Hotels, art, culture, and stunning views. This is very good for family holidays, serenity and peace will be obtained there. Settled in one of the ornate and elegant villas in the middle or on the edge of town, and walked out into the narrow streets leading to the River Arno.

You will find the picturesque Ponte Vecchio Bridge, with supported-the stage-and the Ponte Santa Trinita. Just walk a little further and you will find the city’s main market district, where the Basilica of San Lorenzo hold the power over all.

Stay in a Glamorous Accommodation in the Capital of Tuscany

Akomendasi with Wellness Centre, where you can pamper yourself with a massage or even a Jacuzzi. Or maybe you prefer the good food in the restaurant, all it was a fun holiday and will not be forgotten. If you are going to visit and stay overnight in a hotel, but did not find the right one. Or you’re looking for information on Luxury Hotels Florence, now that you’ve read the article right. Below is a list of Luxury Hotels in Florence.

The 8 Best Luxury hotels  Florence

It is best to include the five-star service, a view of the Arno, a luxurious interior, and a beautiful park in the center of Florence near Duomo, Via Tornabuoni and Ponte Vecchio.

1. Villa Cora

Luxury Hotels Florence Villa Cora


This is Best Luxury Hotels Florence, Villa Cora is a hotel that was built at the end of 1860 by Baron Oppenheim, was at the Centre of the Estate is a stunning views, large, polished, parquet floors and chandeliers, luxurious riots trompe-l’oeil, mirror-stucco, and Chandeliers. Connected by tunnels (useful if it rains), small guesthouse Villino Eugenia third House 46 Rooms, and spa delights of Opera. It even comes with a large garden, which surrounds the two building offers more than 100 varieties of roses.

Best Luxury hotels  Florence Villa Cora

2. The St. Regis Florence

Luxury Hotels Florence The St. Regis

This hotel is located in the Center region of Luxe-Boutique, Florentine and not far from the main tourist attractions as well as equipped with a view of the Arno.  The feel of luxury, and the atmosphere is enhanced by the successful services become better and friendly. All 100 luxurious bedrooms as you would expect for the level of luxury hotels, All 100 luxurious bedrooms as you would expect for the level of the hotel.


The St. Regis Florence Service & facilities3. Four Seasons Hotel Firenze

Luxury Hotels Florence Hotel Firenze

This hotel in the spread between the main building on the 15th-century Palazzo della Gherardesca-and the former 16th-century convent on the other side of the eleven-acre garden, which is the largest private garden in Florence. The hotel is decorated with bas reliefs and satellite, and is the largest private garden in Florence. All this is very elegant and luxury, as in dekorasai individually. The hotel contains 116 rooms and suites.

 Four Seasons Hotel Firenze

4. Portrait Firenze

Luxury Hotels Florence Portrait Firenze

This hotel stands a few doors along the Ponte Vecchio, right in the middle of the most important sights in Florence. Interior design of modern Italy in greys, cream, white and Brown, and his beliefs. Luxury and elegant design, rugs cover the hardwood floors and great lights, clean white walls decorated with photos of black and white. Each room has a kitchenette, complete with dishwasher.

Portrait Firenze

5. J.K. Place Firenze

Luxury Hotels Florence Portrait Firenze

Is one of the elegant townhouse hotel in Italy, a 10-minute walk from the Duomo and the Ponte Vecchio. But it is also close to the Santa Maria Novella station of Florence main, means you do not to need a taxi.  The hotel has excellent service, where where formality check-in and check-out take place with a drink in the lounge-library rather than standing at the reception desk, and concierge duties shared by all the staff of front-of-House.

J.K. Place Firenze Luxury Hotels Florence

6. Palazzo Vecchietti

Luxury Hotels Florence Palazzo Vecchietti

Piazza Repubblica is right outside the door, and the Duomo and the chi-chi shopping street Via Tornabuoni are both minutes away on foot. In the atrium of the page – a three-storey high, and topped off with a beautiful ceiling. But it’s in really the point of the Palazzo Vecchietti, where design Michele Bonan classic-modern design sense most persuasively expressed.

Palazzo Vecchietti

7. Il Salviatino

Luxury Hotels Florence Il Salviatino

It is considered a noble villas surrounded by gardens in the hills of the city, and give perfection to visitors. Where the view from the front porch, and fairly quiet. As much of the House as a hotel, it started as a 16th-century villa owned by the powerful Bardi family. Decorated with luxurious Interiors, such as the original wall paintings offer museum and marble fireplaces, and a marble sarcophagus discovered during the restoration of the Venetian now make unusual bath in one of the high end Suite.

Il Salviatino

8. Hotel Lungarno

Luxury Hotels Florence Hotel Lungarno


The hotel’s location is a Right on the river, a duck’s waddle from the Ponte Vecchio. Hotel yang diluncurkan Lungarno Hotel, grup yang dimiliki oleh mode pewaris Leonardo Ferragamo. The hotel has attentive service, in a kind of hotel-school ways. There is not much in the way of pampering or fitness facilities, but you can avail yourself of the White Iris Beauty Spa at the Hotel Continentale, just across the Ponte Vecchio.

Hotel Lungarno Luxury Hotel Florence


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