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The 10 Cheapest Places To Travel In 2017

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The cheapest places to travel in 2017 – If you intend to do a cheap trip but impressive then there is no harm in you do backpacking to save travel costs. With only carrying duffel bag containing your daily necessities ready to explore these places special. Travelling by way of backpacking is still fun.

If you imagine the tour should stay at a hotel with good food and comfortable transport then the core of the tour is not located on the convenience of travel, but get your destination and get experience in new places without having to busy thinking of lodging are expensive and excessive accommodation. Not only being a backpacker in the country, you also could be a backpacker in foreign countries by holding down travel costs.

Travelling to other countries should not be at the cost of expensive, you can do it. There are countries that are friendly toward tourists are backpackers like you and this could be profitable. The following 10 countries friendly for backpackers who could be your reference in determining the next holiday destination, This also includes the cheapest places to travel in 2017

1. Cambodia

cheapest places to travel Camboja

Cambodia’s central “the traveler from all over the world. The State’s incoming ASEAN membership offers a place to stay and eat are pretty cheap, especially for the backpacker. Lodging for backpackers in Cambodia revolves around $10-$25. As for dining, you just pay $5-$3 for once packed. A matter of tourist destinations? Quiet. You can go to Angkor Wat temples Archaeological Park, who entered the UNESCO World Heritage site. Only about $15, you can already get around that place. There are many temples you can visit in Cambodia while looking at the beautiful sunrise from the West side, which is the ticket in the bag.

2. Vietnam

cheapest places to travel Vietnam

Vietnam became a favorite destination for travelers from all over the world. This State later became a crowded tourist trap. This is because local authorities did not give a price for food, lodging, as well as tourist destinations.

Where to stay for $7 per person. Cost of meals are also not less cheap with Cambodia. With a full dining menu, You only spend money ranges from $10 to it. Local food along the way also you can meet with a relatively inexpensive price, i.e. $2 per person.

Sights are also not less cheap. Although expensive, tourist destinations in the country is quite amazing. Viet Nam have coastlines along the 3,000 kilometres. The beaches are beautiful. Viet Nam also had a lot of historical tourism destinations, such as the War Remnants Museum, Hoa Lo Prison Museum and the Cu Chi Tunnels any friendly Inhabitants.-friendly.

3. India

cheapest places to travel India

In countries with the highest population growth rates in the world, you can find food, places to stay, even with public transportation costs are pretty cheap.

With $20 you can take the train with full facilities. Food and lodging also doesn’t have to spend a lot of money. For destinations, you can choose to visit the Taj Mahal has ever entered the list of one of the seven wonders of the world.

4. Bolivia

cheapest places to travel Bolvia

Bolivia is a small country in South America. Bolivia is bordered by Brazil to the North and East, Paraguay and Argentina to the South, and Chile and Peru to the West. Destination destinations in this country quite is relatively cheap.

For an overnight stay, you only spend money about $20. Bolivia is also famous for its folk customs and dance party that is authentic. There were the Oruro Carnival as the feast of the Virgin of Candelaria that you can follow, as well as the home of Pedro Domingo Murillo who became a legend of the history of Bolivia that you can visit.


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5. Hungarian

cheapest places to travel Hungarian

Hungary is a historical city on the European continent. Lodging and meals are offered in the country is cheaper compared to other European countries. You can visit Budapest, capital city of the country. There, the cost of a night’s stay ranges $20 and enjoyed a reasonably good facilities.

For destinations, you can visit Lake Balaton in Transdanubia, Hungary to the West. Can also enjoy delicious pastries with interesting presentation at the Gerbeaud. There is also an inviting vineyards on the Hill of Badacsony.

6. Honduras

cheapest places to travel Honduras

The country is located  Central America. Interestingly, the news of this country does not give an expensive fare for travelers. For destinations in the country, there is a beach with white sand are no less beautiful with the Maldives or Hawaii. One of the busiest in the country is Puerto Cortes with banana trade.

7. Greece

cheapest places to travel greece

In Greece you will enjoy an exceptional beauty, beautiful beaches, the hotel is the best. However, do not let you select a city, because not all cities in Greece offers cheap tours. If you travel to this country, you can choose to visit the island of Paros or Skiathos. Greece is suitable for you who love history. Let alone building with beautiful architecture.

8. Dominican Republic

cheapest places to travel Dominica

Dominican Republic are in the Caribbean Islands. The country had a landscape is no less interesting. The city of Santiago de los Caballeros is a town that is famous for his farm in the country. Visit this country need not cost prohibitive. Pretty $43 per day, you can eat, stay, and streets.

9. Irlandia

cheapest places to travel Irlandia

Prices of flights to the country reportedly became very cheap in the last few years. Hotels in there any cheap, i.e. There are offering a price of $12 per night.

Here, you can visit the Chester Beatty Library to see the world famous collections, such as the rare books and manuscripts, and then running in herds of deer, Phoenix Park. You can also save money shopping in Blackrock Market.

10. Portugal

cheapest places to travel Portugal

Portugal is the cheapest travel pocket, in contrast to countries throughout Western Europe, especially if you go down to the street and take the road setapa. A bottle of port is delicious, food and a glass of wine can be enjoyed with the money of €5 each.

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