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Travel Air Canada employees – Air Canada eliminates C1J10 graduated from all employees including the employees, and add new c2J9 only for employees. The new C2J9 will allow junior AC main employees to get before a regional employee of 20 years. The cost of the service range also declined only employees and the employees of the main area will still pay a service fee for higher mileage.

Regional employees get the shaft again from Air Canada flying benefits.It should be remembered, travel tickets is a privilege, not a right. AIR CONDITIONING set policies and they control it.

They can draw it really Regionals if they want and there is nothing that can be done about it. Actually, I think the regionals can treat employees AIR CONDITIONING because they have been treated For the record, I work for Jazz, without AIR CONDITIONING in a perfect world, I’d like to see a reciprocal passes the policy with all employees working for or doing work on behalf of AIR CONDITIONING are treated the same.

In a perfect world. And yet you have the Jazz insist Rovinescu remove all traces of his identity and becomes the AC Express. So he says “we want customers to see no difference between you and Air Canada, but did I mention we will treat you like second class citizen”?

C1 removal for everyone is a mystery. Their seats will go empty out, everyone deserves an upgrade should be cleaned before passholders can use it. Plus the company will make money on those who don’t make it. Wondering what $ previously added up to.

Check the cap badge! It does not say Air Canada! You are a separate company which is solely with the provider of services for Air Canada, as is the way, as a consolidated fuel, such as NavCanada, the GTAA … etc.

Travel Air Canada employees

People who provide services to the airline does not have the benefit of travel … and as far as I am concerned, the choir of the employees, which are not owned by Air Canada should not get benefits for travel unless under a reciprocal policy jumpseats.

I just have the luxury of having a wife and a daughter of 12 year old mechanic my lump of Jazz flights from Halifax, Nova C1 a few months ago! That should never have happened … a major employee that is being met with a second-tier carrier employees! Primary C2, C4 to contract my carrier is the way to go.

Remember, if there is no Air Canada … There will be no Jazz! We saw how successful Chorus is beyond the 12% guarantee profits from the CPAS with a contract of Thomas Cook. If the CPA is missing by 2020, so will Jazz. Jazz should not get more specific considerations on board Air Canada than Westjet … it is the same percentage of ownership by AC!

As far as many of us are concerned … these changes don’t go far enough!

Travel Air Canada employees – My son just hired by Air Canada and I was wondering what type of benefits the trip my wife and I can get. Our European vacation panning 3-4 for 2015 and we hope we can save a few dollars as a result. We’re not sure about the discount percentage of family members can benefit from.

On a side note, we couldn’t believe how tight and demanding recruitment process in alway personal interviews, drug tests, some tests online and the person with the graduation of 80%. Failed tests and forget about getting a job.

My son told me that during the written exam, a man is covering the paper so that no one can copy from him and he ultimately failed the test and denied a job.

Do you know anyone who works at Air Canada and the types of benefits, the benefits they are entitled to a special trip?

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